Wednesday, December 21, 2011

August 2011- Dec.2011

Okay, so here is Jaecie on her first day of 2nd grade...
Halloween came quick and Nathan and Theron wanted to be Frankenstien and jaecie wanted to be a zombie popstar (weird I know) but we had fun! Theron really got Halloween this year and wanted to make sure he went up to every house, it was pretty cute.

Seriously, Theron is cute!
Then Nathan turned 5! I cannot believe he is this big! He had a birthday party at McDonalds (his favorite place in the world) He fruit instead of a cake (I bought a pie too) He was really funny about ONLY wanting fruit. He is on a health kick lately..

Now for Dec.... what a crazy month so far! Here are pics of the kids with Santa and pics I took for the Christmas card.....

And Santa.....Santa was a little cranky this year. The picture of him reading to the 2 kids is my fav. Poor Nathan at the bottom is not sure what to do. Forget the kid down below, just read to the 2 your holding. I almost peed my pants when they were taking it. Poor kid, he didn't seem to care though.

A year in one post...

This may be boring for anyone to read but I am going to try to journal our year in a quick post since one day I plan to put this blog in a post.... January- Taylor was still in Atlanta training for his new job with Title Max, in Feb. I got to go there and visit with him. It was really fun, our first time together on a trip since I was pregnant with Nathan.... we went to the Coke factory and the Atlanta Aquarium, here are a few pics...

April was fun, Jaecie turned 7 and her cousin Brighten came down and suprised her! I was so fun, we wrapped her in a big box and the look on Jaecie's face when she jumped out was priceless! They just hugged and jumped up and down. I was super thankful that Mindi was here too to help me with Jaecie's Spa birthday party..
May and June I am sure were fun but I can't remember :) July was my birthday.. we went to Austin for the 4th and had a good time with Taylor's parents...

Then we drove to Utah for the 24th! The kids did so well on the drive that we did it all in one day (19hrs) We stayed for 2 weeks and had a blast! I am sure I took more pictures but here is what I can find today..

Me and my cute sisters.... not sure what happened to the bottom of the picture but I am too lazy to fix it.
August, Theron turned 2!!!!

And the kids started school... Jaecie is in 2nd grade and Nathan in his last year of preschool
pics of 2nd grade on the next post....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's been a YEAR! ANyone out there??

Hey all, I have not posted in nearly a year and I kinda miss it SO, is anyone out there still reading these blog things? If you comment and I know there are a few of you out there maybe I'll start this thing up again??

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Season!!

Taylor got to come home for the week of Christmas so we went and did some fun stuff! We went to SAftey Town in Frisco to see all of the lights and Santa... here are a few pictures from the night!

Famiy pictures

 We had some family pictures done this last month... here are a few of the best shots, and then some of my cute kiddos I did over Thanksgiving!